Dozens of Israeli-Arabs protested in Haifa on Sunday night and issued calls for Intifada.

"Oh Intifada raise your flames! If the Intifada will start, we will not stand by and watch," the protestors chanted in a video uncovered and translated by the Arab Desk of Im Tirtzu together with the Lach Yerushalayim organization.

"Israel is a terrorist state, the police is a terrorist police," they chanted while waving flags of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

The protestors also stated that they are "not afraid of being arrested" and that "the blood of shahids (martyrs) is calling to us."

Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg called on the police to arrest the protesters for incitement.

"Inciting to murder Jews cannot be taken lightly, and the authorities should immediately arrest these criminals and ensure that they receive the maximum sentence," said Peleg.

"We will continue to monitor and report on these inciting protests and ensure that they do not go under the radar. These fifth columnists must be held accountable," added Peleg.