The arrest operation
The arrest operationIDF spokesperson

Following the recent rise in the threat of terrorism, the IDF, ISA and Israeli security forces conducted joint counterterrorism activities in the town of Husan.

This past Tuesday, an Israeli civilian was trapped in a violent riot which was instigated by Palestinian Arabs in the town of Husan near Beitar Illit.

The civilian was violently attacked by the rioters, who hurled rocks and burned his vehicle. Overnight, security forces apprehended four suspects who were involved in the attack.

Additionally, IDF soldiers operated to apprehend a terror suspect in the town of Yamun.

During the operational activity, dozens of Palestinian rioters violently attacked the soldiers. The rioters hurled rocks and explosive devices and fired at the soldiers, endangering their safety. The soldiers responded with live ammunition toward the suspects who hurled explosive devices. Hits were identified.

The suspects apprehended were transferred to Israeli security forces for further processing.