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At this very minute, Rabbis all over the world are preparing food, speeches, and accommodations for the perfect seder night. But for us at Chabad of Poland, the magnitude of this Pesach is greater than we ever imagined.

From the very first days of the war, we have been welcoming Jewish refugees who come to our doorstep with nowhere else to turn. Here at Chabad, we provide them with shelter, hot meals, and medical care.

The flood of Ukrainian refugees has taken almost every available room in neighboring Poland creating an accommodation shortage.

Therefor we rented rooms at the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in Warsaw for the entire month of April, with enough beds for one hundred people.

We also rented apartments and rooms in the city so that we can host a total of 200 refugees daily.
We hired a kosher catering service and have rented a separate kitchen in the hotel which we will kasher.
We rented in the hotel a large dining hall including hundreds of seats.
A synagogue and daily prayers are held at the site.

Mazal Tov! Ukrainian Refugee Has Brit Mila at Age Thirty-one at the Chabad hotel.
A baby was born there, was there, and soon there will be a Brit Mila,
This hotel is a material and spiritual center for hundreds of other Jewish refugees in the city who would otherwise be alone in Warsaw without community & Yiddishkeit.

At this meeting point, the refugees will sit together at the Pesach Seder, and will be provided with kosher l’Pesach food for the entire Passover holiday.

The cost of the hotel and catering is $250,000 for the entire month of April incl. Pesach.

Additionally, Chabad will provide kits of traditional Seder food and matzah and wine to more than 2,000 refugees.

Refugees are flooding Chabad of Warsaw every day, looking to them to fulfill their most basic needs.

We look to our brothers and sisters to help us help them.

In addition to the above mentioned cost of 250,000$ for April, we have other costs of operations outside the Hotel as detailed in the table below:


We need to urgently raise $1M to cover the next
2 month worth of emergency operations.

It is a matter of life and death for those who have already lost
their country, their homes, their loved ones.

Please give generously.

Wishing you and all of yours Chag Pesach Kasher v'Sameach
Sincerely yours,
Rabbi Shalom Dov Ber Stambler

OUR GOAL: 1 million dollar


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Below please find links of some media coverage of our operation: