Jordanian border (archive image)
Jordanian border (archive image)צילום: iStock

The Jordanian government ordered its borders closed to entry and exit Sunday, a move made with no prior warning and with no clear reason given.

The closure, imposed during the Passover festival and the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, left hundreds of Israeli travelers stuck near Eilat at the Rabin Border Terminal and the Wadi Araba Border Crossing, on the Israeli and Jordanian sides of the border respectively.

According to a report by Channel 12 Sunday afternoon, some 350 Israeli travelers waiting at the border for hours, including 150 on the Israeli side and 200 more on the Jordanian side, unable to return to Israel.

The report quoted witnesses who said travelers were stuck at the border for hours.

“We’ve been here since 12:00, with hundreds of people crammed in here like sardines,” Nissim Azriel said. “It is unbelievable what is happening here, we’re stuck here and are suffering. Elderly people, babies, people without water – no one is taking care of us. No one is doing anything and we’re just stuck here. What are we supposed to do?”

After the closure was imposed, Jordanian officials claimed that the move was taken due to the large number of crossings and traffic in the area.

Israeli officials said they are working with their Jordanian counterparts to find a solution for the travelers stuck on the border.