Police on Temple Mount
Police on Temple MountJamal Awad/Flash90

Police forces entered the Temple Mount this morning following an attempt by Arabs to disrupt public order and prevent Jewish visits to the site, which is the holiest in Judaism.

Police noticed that hundreds of young Arabs, some of them masked, began collecting stones in the plaza of the Temple Mount.

Forces were deployed throughout the Temple Mount to keep the peace and allow Jews to visit the site.

At the same time, Egged buses were pelted with stones near the Lions' Gate, on their way to the Western Wall. There were no injuries. Police and Border Police arrested two Arabs on suspicion of throwing stones and police forces are conducting searches to locate more suspects.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Benny Gantz decided not to extend the closure on Judea and Samaria over the intermediate days of Passover despite the violence on the Temple Mount.

Gantz made the decision at the end of a situational assessment with the heads of the defense establishment and therefore the closure imposed on Passover ended tonight.