Rambam Health Care Campus
Rambam Health Care Campus Yossi Aloni/Flash90

A 47-year-old man who was stabbed Friday by a 15-year-old terrorist in Haifa was released home Saturday morning.

According to Rambam Health Care Campus, the victim suffered only superficial stabbings, which did not require surgical intervention.

The terrorist, a 15-year-old Muslim Arab young woman from Haifa, was arrested and taken for interrogation. Her arrest was extended Saturday night.

Alexei, the victim, recalled, "I was walking in the garden and felt a strong blow to the head. I fell to the ground and saw a figure in front of me waving a knife. She wore a keffiyeh with an Arabic caption and shouted in Arabic. Her whole face was covered."

"I immediately realized that this was a terrorist attack," he added. "I was very scared. I was lying on my back on the ground and I tried to fend her off with my legs and she stabbed me in the leg as well."