Ibrahim Abdullah Sarsur
Ibrahim Abdullah SarsurFlash 90

Ibrahim Abdullah Sarsur, a former leader of the Islamic Movement's Southern Branch and a former MK for the United Arab List (Ra'am), has said that he supports bringing down the current government.

"The loyalty and affiliation of the Islamic Movement, its activists, institutions, supporters, and adherents are to the issue of Palestine in general, and to Jerusalem and Al Aqsa Mosque in particular," Sarsur said.

In an interview with the Arab Israeli Panet and the Panorama newspaper, Sarsur said that this loyalty "is one of the basic principles which will not change and will not be replaced, and it is translated into action and not just statements alone."

"Therefore, I opposed from the outset joining the coalition, [but] I respected the decision of the Islamic Movement on this matter, and I said, 'Let's see where this path leads.' Now it is clear that this is a fascist government like its predecessors and on an internal or Palestinian level no achievements have been made whatsoever."

"Therefore," Sarsur said, "I personally support bringing down the government immediately, and whatever happens - happens. I do not say this in order to make any person happy, but this is my position and it relies on sources and the reality supports it."