Ahmad Tibi
Ahmad TibiAvshalom Sassoni/Flash90

MKs Ahmad Tibi and Osama Saadi, both of the Joint Arab List, on Saturday visited the hospital where Arab rioters injured during clashes on the Temple Mount are hospitalized.

On Friday, MK Tibi was filmed pushing Border Police officers in the Old City, and yelling at one of them, "Get out of here." One of the police officers responded, "Get your hands off."

MK Itamar Ben Gvir (Otzma Yehudit) wrote to the Attorney General requesting that Tibi be interrogated and brought to justice for his part in the conflict near the Temple Mount.

He also turned to the Border Police commander requesting that the officer who protected Tibi instead of the other officers be removed from his position.

"It is clearly seen that Ahmad Tibi is attacking policemen and the officer is protecting Tibi instead of the fighters," Ben Gvir wrote.

"Tibi's place is in jail for assaulting police officers. I call on the Border Police commander to immediately suspend the officer who defended Tibi, instead of the fighters under his responsibility, who interrupted their determination to deal with the terrorist Tibi who attacked them. It is forbidden to leave an officer who abandons his fighters in the Israel Police for even one minute, and we must end the loss of control and governance."