Seder table in the UAE
Seder table in the UAESchneur Schiff

A large crowd of over a thousand people will participate in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE, in the largest public seder night to date in that country

The Seder service will be held in several languages ​​including Hebrew, English, French and Russian and will be attended by ambassadors, government officials, and community members.

Rabbi of the United Arab Emirates Rabbi Levi Duchman said: "Our community continues to grow and flourish here in the Emirates, along with the renewed influx of Israelis and Jews from around the world to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. ".

"The warm welcome that our community receives from the local government is a strong and winning testimony to true coexistence and tolerance, and what is more appropriate than celebrating Independence Day here together," Rabbi Duchman added.

The United Arab Emirates has a growing Jewish community, which since 2014 has enjoyed a number of Jewish institutions and community services founded by the United Arab Emirates Rabbi Levi Duchman who works there.

Through the organization he founded for this purpose, the Jewish UAE, the local Jewish community and the many Jewish visitors enjoy a number of synagogues and prayers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, kosher in local restaurants and hotels, a Jewish education center that includes a kindergarten, Hebrew school and youth club. Jewish weddings, relocation assistance, business networking and rich community life are also available, all in cooperation with the Emirati government.