London (archive)
London (archive) Nati Shohat/FLASH90

A candidate for the British Conservative Party was suspended pending an investigation after a photograph of him dressed in a Nazi uniform was discovered.

Colin Davis, the Enfield Conservatives chair and a candidate for the Enfield Southgate Tories in London in upcoming local elections, was pictured in a photo, likely from the 1980s, wearing a full Nazi uniform, the UK Jewish News reported.

“I have no recollection of this at all. Yes, there were various wild parties, very perverse themes expressed... I can't absolutely rule it out,” Davis told the publication.

He also denied being connected to far right politics.

Davis had apparently been considered as a candidate in north London council’s Oakwood ward, which has a large Jewish population.

When asked if he remembered dressing up in a Nazi uniform in the past, Davis told the Jewish News, “I recall attending a fair number of parties where bizarre garb of all kinds was called upon. There used to be an awful lot of wild parties in the 1980s. I certainly can’t recall all of them.”

“Presumably somebody has supplied you with the photograph and presumably they can offer you some details on how and when it was taken and everything else,” he said. “I do not recall parading around… at the time I suspect I was a serving member of the British Army reserves.”