The Herzogs' seder table
The Herzogs' seder tableCourtesy

Israeli President Isaac Herzog, First Lady Michal Herzog, and their family will be joined Friday night at the Passover seder table at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem by lone soldiers, new immigrants from Ukraine, and the US Ambassador to the State of Israel, Thomas Nides.

The festive table has been laid with an emphasis on products by Israeli designers.

In addition, the Passover haggadahs were purchased from Enoshop, the store of Enosh—The Israeli Mental Health Association, which provides rehabilitation and therapy services for people with psychosocial disabilities. The profit from its sales goes directly to the people who produced its products at Enosh’s employment centers.

The matzah and Seder plate covers were also handmade by Israeli designers.

Earlier on Thursday, Pres. Herzog sent Passover greetings to World Jewry.

"Passover is ... the holiday of spring," Herzog said, noting that spring is "a time of renewal, rejuvenation, and new beginnings. On the national level, as our skies open up, we are excited once again to welcome you here in Israel, your home away from home. On the regional level, new winds of warm peace are blowing through the region following the Abraham Accords, presenting new opportunities for the entire Middle East."

"So to each of you, our friends, in every corner of the globe, I wish you all personal renewal and any new beginnings to which you aspire. This Pesach, may you carve out your own path from slavery to freedom. Enjoy your families and loved ones and don’t fight over the afikoman. Happy Pesach, and leshanah haba’ah birushalayim habnuya—Next Year in a Rebuilt Jerusalem!"