Light rail train, Jerusalem
Light rail train, JerusalemFlash 90

A young Jewish woman was attacked and beaten by an Arab resident of Jerusalem while traveling on the city's light rail train.

The young woman, a resident of Jerusalem, filed a complaint with the police and is receiving legal aid from Honenu attorney Haim Bleicher, who pushed to speed up the investigation process, locate the attacker, and file an indictment against him for a nationalistically-motivated attack.

In a letter sent to the Jerusalem police station, the attorney wrote, "On April 10, 2022, my client was attacked by a minority individual in the light rail train car in Jerusalem. My client, a 16-year-old young woman, was standing and talking with her sister. At the same time, a group of minority youth were in the train car. Suddenly, and for no reason at all, one of the minority individuals came and delivered a strong blow to my client's arm. He then continued on his way, while he and his friends giggled."

"Minority youth" is a politically correct term often used to describe Muslim Arabs in Israel.

"My client, who felt strong pains, turned to the attacker to protest what he had done, but he treated her with contempt. My client and her sister got off at the 'Iriya' station and reported to police officers regarding the incident. Later, my client filed a complaint at the Sha'ar Binyamin police station.

"This is an anti-Semitic, degrading, and outrageous attack - and it is seven times uglier since we are speaking about an Arab man who slapped a woman, and in front of a crowd. It must be dealt with determinedly, and not taken lightly," Bleicher emphasized.

"A terrorist who began with such an attack, and is not dealt with appropriately, is likely to 'develop an appetite' and continue to escalate to more serious and severe acts, G-d forbid. We note that a very similar incident - in which a minority individual slapped a Jewish young man on the light rail train - was publicized and in great measure began the 2021 riots last year."

Bleicher added, "I request that the security cameras from the train be immediately and urgently backed up, before they are deleted. Both from inside the train car, for the purpose of footage of the attack, and from the stations outside, for the purpose of locating the station where the terrorist got off and locating his place of residence. I request that intelligence sources be activated, to locate the attacker, arrest him, and bring him to justice."