NYPD (file)
NYPD (file)Mendy Hechtman/Flash90

A heroic New Yorker who was working inside a store noticed on a security camera a man fitting the description of the Brooklyn subway shooter and called the police.

It turned out the man Zack Tahhan saw on the security monitors was in fact the suspect Frank James, who is accused of wounding 29 in a mass shooting in a Brooklyn subway station this week. James was arrested in the East Village neighborhood of New York on Wednesday.

“I saw that guy, he was walking in front of the screen. I saw him from the [security] camera," Tahhan said. "So I go, ‘Oh, this guy. Let me call the police.’ And I called them and we caught him.”

“We try to make the people safe always because the people are kind, my life is nice,” he added.