Ali Salalha
Ali Salalha Gili Yaari/Flash90

MK Ali Salalha (Meretz) on Wednesday morning claimed that his party is in favor of connecting all Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria to electricity.

"We are in favor of connecting settlements to electricity for everyone," Salalha told Kol Hai Radio. "Electricity is a basic need and every person's basic right."

In his statements, Salalha responded to MK Shlomo Karhi's (Likud) proposal to dismiss MK Ayman Odeh (Joint Arab List), following Odeh's call for Israeli Arabs who serve in the Israeli security forces to revolt.

"Either we are a democratic country or we are not," Salalha said. "I am not sure that such a statement encourages terror. We are not those who can decide that. If the court decides that Odeh incited, then we will make a decision."

"I don't agree with his words, but there's no need to criticize. Odeh said afterwards that he meant the soldiers and the police officers who are in the occupied territories, including in eastern Jerusalem."

He emphasized, "Whoever does not go according to the rules - let the court decide about him. We need to be fair people and allow a person to protect himself. His statement is not legitimate in my eyes, but the public will decide if Odeh will be in the Knesset. There are extremist people in every place. If the court decides that he incited, I will vote in favor of his dismissal."