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The State Attorney's Office cyber prosecution department said it had handled about 5,815 requests from security officials to remove provocative content or posts supporting terrorism against Jews from various social media platforms over the past three weeks.

The posts have come from various locations in Israel's Arab and Bedouin sectors following the recent spate of terror attacks, claiming the lives of over a dozen civilians and maiming others.

The vast majority of complaints (approximately 3,300) emanated from Facebook, approximately 87% of them being removed.

Tiktok videos received about 770 complaints, with about 84% of them removed.

In March, popular Palestinian Arab blogger Saleh Zighari praised the terrorists who carried out the deadly terror attack in Bnei Brak, in which five individuals were murdered.

Following the attack, Zighari, who has over a million social media followers, uploaded a mocking story to his Instagram account. Alongside two winking emojis, he wrote in Arabic: "Five fresh fish in a bag."

Zighari's incitement on Facebook
Zighari's incitement on Facebook screenshot

Just a few days ago he posted (again in Arabic) to Facebook: "I will not recognize the Israeli occupation; I swear to God that I am a martyr."