Prior to the IDF's operation to repair damage to Joseph's Tomb Wednesday morning, Samaria Brigadier General Roi Zweig addressed his troops via a radio transmission: "Today we are embarking on an operation to repair the destruction of Joseph's Tomb. This is where the Land of Israel was promised to our forefather Abraham and we will act with a heavy hand, not as thieves in the night, but as sons of kings."

"This is how we will restore the honor of the Land and People of Israel," he pledged.

After multiple attacks by Arab vandals on Joseph's Tomb in Samaria, the Samaria Regional Council carried out a special operation overnight to renovate the historic site and repair the damage.

The tomb has been targeted by vandals at least twice in recent days, with two Jewish men seeking to visit the site shot by terrorists Sunday night.

The renovation operation continued after dawn, making it the first time Israeli authorities have renovated Joseph's Tomb during the day since the site was abandoned following the outbreak of the Second Intifada in 2000.

The renovation includes repairs to the stone grave marker, repainting the walls of the tomb complex, removal of debris left by the Arab rioters, and repairs to the complex's windows and water system.

"This is a historic day," said Samaria Regional Council Head Dagan during the operation. "We came here during the night, but [stayed till the day], just before the holiday of freedom [Passover], to restore Israel's national honor and Joseph's dignity."

"The barbaric rioters from the Palestinian Authority knew all too well why they are burning and destroying Joseph's Tomb. They know that as long as the Jewish people from Israel and abroad...are continuing to visit their holy places and national heritage sites, they will be victorious," he was quoted as saying.