MK Boaz Toporovsky
MK Boaz Toporovsky Hadas Parush/Flash90

Acting Coalition chairman MK Boaz Toporovsky (Yesh Atid) convened the coalition parties Tuesday for their first meeting since former Coalition Chairwoman MK Idit Silman (Yamina) resigned last week.

Silman was replaced on behalf of the Yamina faction by MK Nir Orbach.

MK Toporovsky said at the meeting: "Nearly a year ago we formed a coalition of healing for the state. A coalition of the preference for unification over division, which for the first time in the history of the State of Israel connected all parts of Israeli society. Together, we worked against incitement, extremism, and the violation of the rule of law, and we strengthened democracy."

"We must not stop here, we must continue to work together so that we can continue to do good for the country and its citizens," Toporovsky said.

The coalition no longer has a majority in the Knesset after MK Silman's resignation and currently has 60 MKs.