Rabbi Sacks and Pesach
Rabbi Sacks and PesachRabbi Sacks Legacy Trust:

Highlighted below are a number of resources from the teachings of Rabbi Sacks zt"l that you might find inspiring as you prepare for the Seder and Yom Tov.

These include our 'Ceremony & Celebration: Family Edition' for Pesach – newly expanded for this year – as well as a printable Short Thoughts for Pesach to spark discussion and enhance your Seder.

As we count towards Shavuot starting on Pesach, we invite you to download and print this year's Omer Calendar featuring inspirational thoughts from Rabbi Sacks.

On behalf of the Sacks family, the trustees, and the professional team at The Rabbi Sacks Legacy Trust, we wish you and your family a Chag Kasher v'Sameach, a happy, healthy, and kosher Pesach.


A newly expanded edition of Ceremony & Celebration: Family Edition for Pesach, including extracts from the writings of Rabbi Sacks together with questions, stories and points for discussion to engage your children during the Seder. (Available in English, French and Spanish.)

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A series of eight images featuring short quotes from the writings of Rabbi Sacks. These could be used to decorate your Yom Tov table or spark discussion at the Seder.

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As we begin to count the Omer, download an Omer Calendar. Each day contains a quote from Rabbi Sacks to enhance your counting and to add inspiration to your days.

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Search our new digital archive at rabbisacks.org for more resources from Rabbi Sacks, including:

> The Story We Tell (video)
> Rediscovering the Common Good: Pesach (article)
> Rambam and Seder Night (video)