Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

The Likud party responded to a series of interviews given by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett Monday evening.

"Bennett, who broke all his promises to his constituents, continues to lie tonight without pausing," the Likud said. '' Bennett lost his majority in the Knesset this week, so he is also spreading lies against Idit Silman, who, in contrast, remained faithful to the principles for which she was elected. Bennett understands that his story is over and that it is time for a strong government that will restore peace and security to the citizens of Israel."

The 'Religious Zionism' faction also responded to the prime minister's interviews. "Naftali Bennett in a series of frightened, desperate and pathetic interviews is simply pathetic," said Bezalel Smotrich's party. ''The man fabricates stories and does not take responsibility for Israel's accelerated deterioration under his lax government but only throws unfounded accusations everywhere and continues to prove his detachment from the political and unfortunately also security reality."

"After enslaving the State of Israel to the Islamic movement, Bennett now places the continued existence of the State of Israel in the hands of terrorists from the Joint List, and no embarrassing pun can hide it. Bennett's narcissism is dangerous and endangers the State of Israel," it said.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said tonight that the former coalition chairwoman, MK Idit Silman, has been subjected to abuse that few in the history of Israel have undergone.

In an interview with Michal Rabinovich on Kan 11, Bennett added: "She was really at my house and crying. She told me how Bibi and Smotrich sent people to shout with megaphones at her children 'swindler', 'traitor' and more harsh words. Her husband Shmulik told me he had to switch jobs because Bibi's men were threatening the bosses."

We are in the midst of a wave of terror. A bloody month, 14 murders and personal insecurity on the streets. I wonder what Naftali Bennett, the right-wing man from a decade ago, would have said about that?

"Go on the attack, and that's what we're doing. Enter Jenin, enter Ya'bad, attack the terrorists at theie mother bases. that's how we will win. This is not the first time that there has been a wave of terrorism in the State of Israel. For over a hundred years every few years there is a wave. We are very determined today and I have no doubt we will win.

Could it be that terrorist organizations recognize your government's weakness?

"No, that's nonsense. On the contrary. If you look at our policy - mine, the defense minister, the government - in Gaza for example, while our predecessors would have 'contained' the rockets and said it was because of the lack of electricity, we strike back even against one balloon attack, so there is a much calmer situation there. It is not by chance that the residents of Sderot are experiencing a calm period.

"But here we have characteristic lone-wolf terrorism, which from an intelligence point of view is more complex because it is difficult to get into the mind of any terrorist. So whatever you do, you proactively go out into arrest activities. Also carry out assassinations of terrorists as was the case in Jenin and other places. We have good forces, the IDF, the IDF, the Shabak - we will win."