Danny Danon, chairman of the World Likud
Danny Danon, chairman of the World LikudCourtesy

The World Likud movement held a festive event on Monday in the run-up to the holiday of Passover, and as the political system prepares for elections. Knesset members, mayors and hundreds of activists attended, alongside Avihu Medina, a renowned Israeli singer and songwriter as well as the winner of the Israel Prize in the field of Hebrew song.

Danny Danon, chairman of the World Likud and former Israeli ambassador to the UN, spoke at the conference, addressed the lack of security and attacked the current government.

"In order to win a war, the guiding rule is to transfer the fight from our home front into the strongholds of terror. The equation must be reversed – we need to fight the terrorist hubs," he said.

"Those who aid the terrorism need to shut themselves off in fear, and the citizens of Israel should be able to move around safely and peacefully. Do you know why this is not happening today? Because there is a weak government that depends on the Islamic movement, and on the Joint List. Such a government cannot make the right and courageous decisions that will guarantee Israel's security.”

Danon attacked the government officials who are currently considering relying on the Joint List: "Let me remind you who the new partners may be: Sami Abu Shehadeh – the man who meets and embraces terrorist families, Ahmed Tibi – who while appearing on behalf of the State of Israel at the UN, sat in the UN General Assembly together with the Palestinian delegation that slandered our IDF soldiers and Ayman Odeh – who only yesterday attacked the State of Israel, incited, and called on the Arabs serving in Israel’s security forces to "throw away their weapons and return to their people."

“With such partners it is not possible to restore deterrence. With supporters of terrorists in our midst we will not defeat terrorism!" Danon added.

Danon did not miss mentioning Foreign Minister Lapid in his speech.

"Yair Lapid will not be prime minister! The so-called foreign minister has not internalized the transition from his journalist roots from the left camp to becoming a foreign minister in the service of the State of Israel," he said.

"Today there is no foreign policy – there is ignorance, there is superficiality, there is arrogance. And worst of all, there is the shameful silence of the Israeli government in the face of the agreement being formed with Iran. This is a dangerous agreement that will not only lead to a nuclear Iran, it will strengthen the capabilities of the terrorist organizations we are fighting against. And what does the Foreign Minister do? He remains silent. Yair Lapid, silence is not a policy. Silence and weakness only invite aggression."

At the end of the speech, Danon stated: "It is time to prepare and announce that we are returning to lead the State of Israel to peace and security. Instead of introducing chametz to hospitals during Passover, we will introduce the values ​​of Judaism and Zionism in schools. Instead of showing weakness in the Negev and in the Galilee, we will show determination and strength. Instead of keeping quiet and lowering our heads, we will proudly and magnificently represent the State of Israel on every stage. In the very near future we will roll up our sleeves ahead of the next elections.”