When the video starts, the first thing you notice is Bracha Faiga. She's an adorable 3-year-old with wispy blonde hair and pink cheeks. The longer you look at Bracha, however, the more it becomes clear that she is not a "normal child."

Bracha Faiga was born with a rare and severe developmental disorder. Her parents have an inspiring attitude about raising a special needs child, and they are reminded each time they call her name - meaning, of course, blessing. In their video address to the public, mother Mayaan struggles to hold Bracha Faiga still, as the sweet little girl struggles to control her movement. Frankly, it is difficult to watch.

Lately, however, it has become extremely difficult to maintain a positive attitude. Because of their medical debts from Bracha's many necessary treatments, they live in complete poverty. The 9 members of the Stein family are sharing a tiny 1-bedroom apartment. Many shabboses, they have only been able to afford "sliced bread and hummus."

Donations are being collected to help the Steins give their kids, including Bracha, the things they need to be safe and thrive. Because no one expects to have a severely special needs child, and not everyone can afford help.