Prime Minister Bennett with Foreign Minister Lapid
Prime Minister Bennett with Foreign Minister Lapid Hezki Baruch

The government has authorized a suggestion proposed by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Welfare Minister Meir Cohen, and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, and will be establishing a special taskforce which will formulate policies to cancel all welfare benefits and subsidies that would have been received by the families of Israel-Arab terrorists.

The members of the taskforce will be the directors-general of the Prime Minister's Office, the Alternate Prime Minister's office, the Public Security Ministry, the Justice Ministry, the Welfare Ministry, Social Security, the head of the National Security Council; and also representatives of the Defense Ministry, the Intelligence Ministry, the Attorney-General, and the National Security Council.

The taskforce will be charged with formulating recommendations for the government including specific changes to the law that will be needed, within 60 days.

"We are determined to rectify the situation and deal with everything that has been neglected for years, and to alter the equation such that it will no longer pay for anyone to involve himself in terrorist activities against Israeli citizens. As part of our program, we are going to settle the score with terrorists as well as with all those involved in their actions. Granting state benefits to the families of terrorists is absolutely absurd and the time has come to address this injustice. The Israeli government will continue to battle against terrorism with all means available -- there are no limits when it comes to this issue. The State of Israel will settle the score with anyone who has any connection with terrorism, direct or indirect."

Foreign Minister Lapid added, "Terrorists and their families need to know that there is a price to pay for harming innocent people. We will not tolerate a situation in which the families of terrorists receive state benefits when they could have taken action to prevent crimes that led to loss of life."

"This situation in which Israeli citizens turn against their fellow citizens requires an examination of the means available to address it," Welfare Minister Meir Cohen said. "We need to assess the various means, using deterrents as well as punishment; we cannot allow a situation to continue in which Israeli citizens take weapons into their hands and go out on murderous sprees and we sit with folded arms. We will fight terrorism with determination with all the tools we have."