Pollard brings Torah scroll to Joseph's Tomb
Pollard brings Torah scroll to Joseph's Tomb Roi Hadai

Jonathan Pollard reacted to the burning of Joseph's Tomb overnight by Arab rioters.

"I am outraged, but not surprised," Pollard told Israel National News.

"I am outraged about what just occurred at the Kever Yosef (joseph's Tomb). I am absolutely disgusted at how our government first abandoned the Kever years ago and has left it vulnerable to repeated acts of vandalism by PA inspired mobs over the years. Enough!" Pollard said.

"Both the Kever and a wide access route to it must be immediately secured by the IDF and formally annexed by Israel. This type of antisemitic barbarism must stop- NOW! If we have any sense of self respect as a people we must act quickly and decisively to demonstrate our unqualified right to protect our holy sites in the Land. Prime Minister Bennett: Annex the area around the Kever and show our enemies that this gross insult to our faith will not be tolerated! Show them that we will defend our Land in whatever way we deem appropriate! Show them that we will avenge this latest outrage to Kever Yosef in a way that will never again allow such hate filled destruction to reoccur!" he said.

Last year, Pollard brought a Torah scroll he had commissioned and paid for to Joseph's Tomb.

Arab rioters had previously caused extensive arson damage to the site in 2015, after which the Samaria Regional Council sent its own teams to restore and renovate the holy site.