Scene of the Tel Aviv terror attack
Scene of the Tel Aviv terror attack Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash90

Tzur Olinisky and his wife Meital were at the scene of the Tel Aviv shooting attack on Thursday night, when Meital was shot in her back and declared in serious condition.

In an interview with Channel 12 News, Tzur recalled the horrific moments: "We had just gone out to get a bit of air at the end of the week, but then it became a long weekend. We went out just the two of us, we talked, it was all as usual. And then I heard one gunshot, I lifted my head, I saw the terrorist in front of me and I immediately yanked Meital and we started to run."

"On the way she fell. I helped her up and we ran to the other side of the street. There I started to treat her. She was bleeding a lot and I called an ambulance."

He added, "I didn't understand that she had been hurt when she fell. When I lifted her I saw blood spraying from the neck area. She had her back to him. A bullet hit her from the back and came out near her neck, broke a few of her bones and the shards of the bones perforated one of her lungs."

"I immediately understood that it was a terror attack - he was standing about 3-4 meters in front of me. I remember that I heard at least 4-5 shots, there was a lot of noise and chaos, the place immediately emptied."

About Meital's condition, Tzur said, "Now her condition is a bit improved. She's still in the ICU, I hope she gets out of there relatively soon and that it will be okay."