Aviv Kochavi
Aviv KochaviIDF Spokesperson's Unit

IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi on Friday evening took responsibility for the IDF’s failure in thwarting the shooting attack in Tel Aviv.

"The terrorist came out of Judea and Samaria, through the Seam Zone, it is our responsibility and something that should not have happened. Part of the task at hand is to prevent such incidents," Kochavi said during a conversation with soldiers at the Ofer Camp.

"Our mission is very simple. We need to stop terrorism and restore security and a sense of security - and we will do anything possible to achieve that. There has been a change here in the last two weeks, and it is significant in the sense that Israeli citizens are harmed and it also has to do with the feelings of citizens. We need to understand that and stop it," he added.

Security forces early Friday eliminated the terrorist who carried out the shooting attack on Thursday night in Tel Aviv in which two people were murdered.

The terrorist, a Palestinian Arab from Judea and Samaria, was located by the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) while hiding near a mosque in Jaffa and was eliminated during an exchange of gunfire with Shin Bet and fighters from the Yamam counterterrorism unit.

On Friday afternoon, Ichilov Hospital announced the death of Barak Lufan, 35, who was wounded in the shooting attack in Tel Aviv. Lufan became the third victim of the attack.

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