The Rimmel family before the deadly crash
The Rimmel family before the deadly crash Courtesy of the family

Efraim Rimmel, who lost his wife Tzipi and newborn daughter Noam Rachel in a car accident in 2019, announced Friday morning that he is engaged again.

Rimmel is engaged to Ayelet Kolman, the widow of Adiel Kolman, who was murdered in a terror attack in Jerusalem's Old City in 2018.

The accident, in which an Arab driver collided with the Rimmel family car, left Efraim Rimmel and 12-year-old Itai Rimmel with severe injuries.

Efraim was released from the hospital about one month afterwards. Itai regained consciousness only four months after the accident.

The new blended family will have eight children: Four surviving children from the Rimmel family, and the four Kolman children.