Scene of Tel Aviv attack
Scene of Tel Aviv attackUnited Hatzalah

Renan Shimon, 32, from Ramat Gan, suffered light-to-moderate injuries in the shooting attack on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv on Thursday evening.

The doctors who treated him at Ichilov Hospital in the city said that he was injured by a bullet that went into his cheek on the right side and came out on the left side. They added that it was a “miracle” that he came out alive.

Shimon recounted the moments of the attack. "I went for a beer with a friend at [a nearby pub]. We sat outside and after a quarter of an hour the terrorist appeared in front of me and started shooting."

"I went down to the floor, we were looking for shelter and we stood on the beer kegs and I feel like I'm dripping with blood. There were a few shots and we waited until things calmed down. The friend fled to a residential building where he is hiding until now," he added.