Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan hosted an early Passover Seder at the UN on Wednesday.

About 50 Ambassadors to the UN from countries all around the world including the United States, Ukraine, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, and Hungary participated. The Ambassadors were served the traditional Passover meal and learned about the Seder, its meaning, rituals, and customs from leaders of the organization Aish HaTorah.

Ambassador Erdan initiated the event to strengthen the knowledge and understanding of Ambassadors from around the world with the history of the Jewish people, the journey from slavery to freedom, and the Jewish values that are reflected in the holiday customs such as the struggle against oppression and slavery for freedom, the four questions, the four sons, and more.

"As Israel's Ambassador, witnessing the atrocities in Ukraine continue, makes me think that if Israel is faced with an existential threat, no international agreement or international organization will come to our rescue. We can only rely on ourselves," he said.

"Friends, fellow ambassadors, the question we must all ask ourselves is: Are we doing enough? We must ask this every day, till the bloodshed stops," added Erdan.

Ambassador Erdan hosts early Passover Seder at UN.
Ambassador Erdan hosts early Passover Seder at UN.Photo: Shahar Azran