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Terrorists are willing to die just to murder innocents. They so fully reject the reality they are forced to live with that they are willing to die in violent protest.

What terrorists seem to reject most is peace. They are unwilling to make peace with their reality. They might bear it begrudgingly while they think it is only temporary, but violently revolt at the threat of peace, at the thought of lending their situation any permanence.

Talk of Peace Brings Terror

This latest wave of terror is the result of this latest wave of peace summits. First Israel met with Egyptian and UAE leaders in a trilateral summit in Sinai, then Bahrain, Morocco, and the US joined in as well at the Negev summit.

Arab leaders lavished warmth and affection upon Israel, seeking to expand regional trade and cooperation. This placed Israel in the spotlight as a respected Middle Eastern nation, accepted by other Arab states.

Then US Secretary of State Antony Blinken declared a desired resumption of the “two-state solution,” for Jews and Arabs to live side by side in peace. Such pompous talk does not go well with terrorists. Why should it?

Israel’s enemies are bent upon Israel’s destruction. The Arab terrorists are not looking to make peace with Israel; they have yet to recognize its existence. They are not looking to finalize their defeat in 1948 with a peace treaty. They would rather die fighting.

Israeli” Arab Terrorists

This fact is made obvious by the “Israeli” Arab terrorism. Both the Be’er Sheva and the Hadera terror attacks were perpetrated by Arabs with Israeli citizenship. These attacks did not occur in a vacuum. There is real and widespread hatred in the “Israeli” Arab street, from people who are hostile to Israel.

These “Israeli” Arabs are not happy to be ruled by Jews, even when they are represented by Arabs in the governing coalition. The creation of a “Palestinian” Arab state in Judea and Samaria would not help them. They would remain under Israeli “occupation.” Their dream is to rule all of Israel, and they are willing to die for it.

In fact, talk of a “two-state solution” should only further enrage them. It means that they are being abandoned. It is a further sign of their defeat. That is the failure of Israel’s foolish attempts to turn Arabs into Israelis.

How Could They Ever Be Israel?

The Arabs could never be a true part of Israel, not without converting to Judaism. They will always retain their Arab identities because Israel lacks the required mechanisms to assimilate and convert them.

Unlike America, Israel is an ethnic and tribal nation. We are a family, named after our forefather, Israel. We have an exclusive Covenant with God, and we exclude others from it. We do not tolerate intermarriage, even abandoning our own people for it.

Calling the Arabs Israeli is a fallacy. Granting them Israeli citizenship and equal rights has not changed who they really are. They remain a foreign element within Israel. Three generations later, many of them are just as hostile as those who were before them, some even more.

The Enemy Within

We are in the same situation as we were in the past in Israel, particularly during the time of the Canaanites and Philistines. The Arabs are not Canaanites or Philistines. Many of them could be descendants of Abraham and they believe in One God, but the Arabs left behind in Israel remain as thorns on our sides and needles in our eyes.

The Arab claims of being descended from the Canaanites are false, as the Canaanites were exiled by the Assyrians and have disappeared. Their claims of being Philistines, or “Palestinians,” are also false, but they serve as a worthy analogy. Israel was at constant war with the Philistines and never truly subdued them. We conquered them, but they remained a threat, an enemy in our midst. An enemy left behind by God. They only left when we left, when there was no longer a need for them.

The Solution

I used to think the solution was to expel the Arabs, all of them, then the Jews could live together in peace, but that was wishful thinking. God would only bring us another enemy, or we would be fighting ourselves instead. We cannot force our way to peace.

Most people think the solution is to make peace, even when it is not a viable option. They wish to force peace upon people. To placate them when possible, to buy their obedience, and then to force them when needed; to make Israel the slave of other nations, and to push it towards moral and political disintegration.

That is not an option. We will never have peace that way, only destruction. We will never have peace, as much we desire and demand it, unless we make peace with God. He is our One and Only barrier to false peace, because He Loves us too much. He will not let us break our Covenant with Him and expire like other nations.

We have a purpose to fulfill, and we must serve it. That is our only path to peace, a peace guaranteed by God.

A peace where external threats and violence are no longer required. A peace where we do not need to be nudged forcefully back on track, because we are already on the right path. True and lasting peace with God’s Blessing.

Yshai Amichaiis a father of six and an author with a legal education, whose books advocate upholding the Torah as a national Constitution. He may be contacted at: [email protected]