Merav Michaeli
Merav Michaeliערוץ 7

The Bennett government is facing a serious crisis, Labor Party chief and Transportation Minister Merav Michaeli said Wednesday, following the announcement by coalition chairwoman Idit Silman regarding her plans to join the Opposition.

“We are in a difficult time for our coalition. Political crises happen, and this is definitely a difficult one.”

“The Labor Party and I are committed to doing everything possible to keeping this government functioning and working.”

“Everyone who cares about the good of the State of Israel needs to do everything they can to ensure that this government, which has worked harder than any other government in recent history, will survive and remain.”

With Silman’s departure, the government will lose its majority in the Knesset, falling from 61 seats to 60.

Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to establish a new government, saying that the Bennett government’s “days are numbered”.

“Today, Israel has a weak government. Its days are numbered. I call on more coalition MKs whose hearts are in the right place to join us: we are waiting for you. We will welcome you with honor and appreciation. You can secure your place [in heaven] with a single move that will save the State of Israel from this weak government.”

“We will establish a government that will defeat terror, stop Iran from going nuclear, that will lower taxes raised by this current government; a government that will fight crime and violence in Arab communities, and that will make sure to incorporate every Israeli citizen into the Israeli success story.”