The Kenosha, Wisconsin city council denounced antisemitism on Monday in a unanimous vote to show solidarity with the Jewish community after a year that saw the city repeatedly tarted with antisemitic propaganda.

The resolution’s purpose was to "condemn antisemitism, discrimination, racism, hate, and violence and stand in solidarity with our Jewish community members." It stated that the city stands “in solidarity with our Jewish community as we strive to make our city a safe, inclusive, and equitable place for all."

It was sponsored by Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian, Kenosha News reported.

Earlier in the year, antisemitic pamphlets weighted down with rice in Ziplock bags were found in several city neigbhorhoods, similar to hate flyers found in locations across the U.S. during the last twelve months.

One of the pamphlets had a Star of David on it and contained antisemitic conspiracy theories, including alleging that “every single aspect of the COVID agenda is Jewish.”

The ADL has been tracking the groups dropping the hate flyers. However, so far law enforcement has been unable to stop whoever is behind the flyers from distributing them in different cities.

Alderman Jan Michalski said at the Monday city council meeting that the time was right for a resolution in support of the Kenosha’s Jewish community.

"These hateful events have happened almost exclusively in my district, primarily in my district. I've spoken about this before and I'm very grateful for the mayor to bring this up," Michalski said. "I think it's a very worthwhile resolution."