Yisrael Porush
Yisrael PorushPhoto by Aharon Krohn/Flash90

Elad Mayor Yisrael Porush on Tuesday morning harshly criticized the "reform" in public transportation fees, which he said is the government's way of taking revenge on haredi children.

"I think there are no more reforms," Porush told Kol Hai Radio. "In the past while, they have been touching everything that belongs to the haredi sector. I do not think that anyone in the Finance Ministry thinks that the public transportation reform will help the sector."

"Everyone understands that the haredi cities were built like ghettos," he said. Elad is a very small city, so are Beitar [Illit] and Modi'in Illit and the buses travel very few kilometers and you can check - they are full of people who do not have vehicles and each of whom has 5-7 children."

"I call this, absolutely clearly, revenge. On the issue of disposables - maybe there was some justified reason. On daycares, maybe it's because they want to encourage people to go out and work. But this is already at the level that they are taking revenge on our children."

Porush added, "Couples here don't have vehicles, maybe maximum one vehicle per family. In the general sector there are two vehicles per couple, and each child over 18 has a vehicle as well. With us, a mother sends seven children out to schools every morning, and the price for her will now jump from 2.5 shekel to 5.5 shekel per child - what have they accomplished with this?"

"In the general sector, the buses are empty and the subsidy is greater. With us, it really is profitable. The Transportation Ministry knows this. Maybe we need to make a decision in haredi cities that we do not ride buses during the coming period, or maybe we need to hold protests.

"I have been trying to meet with the Transportation Minister for several months," he added. "There is no one to speak to. But even if this minister or that minister wants to help, in this government there is no connection between people, between one ministry and another, between one party and another."