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A new initiative aimed at connecting young Jews from North America and around the world to Israel’s thriving tech ecosystem will kick off this summer. Brightcode, powered by Birthright Israel, offers eligible Jewish adults aged 18-32 a free 6-month bootcamp, which will train them to work as Full Stack developers.

Organized in partnership with global tech solutions brand Experis Academy, the bootcamp encompasses practical, in-depth training in programming including Python, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and React.

In June, an initial cohort of 20-25 students will begin studying virtually for a five-month session, followed by an additional month of in-person study and scheduled social activities in Tel Aviv. Upon completing training, students will receive personalized job placement assistance, culminating in a guaranteed two-year job with a competitive salary at a hi-tech company in Israel.

With a large database of alumni, Birthright Israel is in a unique position to connect motivated young professionals to the Startup Nation. “As the largest educational tourism organization in the world, we understand that we have power, not only in strengthening Israel's connection to Diaspora Jewry, but also in strengthening the hi-tech industry," said Gidi Mark, CEO of Birthright Israel.

Brightcode is part of a larger effort by the Israel Innovation Authority, led by CEO Dror Bin, to deal with a shortage of skilled tech professionals required to maintain Israel's technological leadership and enable its continued growth. To solve this, the Authority offers skills training promoting the integration of workers from various demographic groups, such as women, Arab-Israelis and the haredi sector, and it also works to attract international professionals to Israel’s tech sector.

“I believe that Brightcode can play a significant role in helping grow and develop our pool of skilled tech professionals. I call on those who meet the requirements to come to Israel, gain top-tier training, and become a part of our cutting-edge innovation ecosystem for the duration of the program. We need your spirit and commitment," said Bin.

In addition to helping bolster Israel’s tech workforce, Brightcode was designed to prepare young people for the world’s digital transformation, setting them up for success with leading companies that are making a difference. Shelly Landsmann, former General Manager of Microsoft Israel, entrepreneur, and Birthright Israel board member, understands firsthand the potential power of Brightcode to contribute to Israel, as well as the career and personal benefits to participants.

“Brightcode is the perfect win-win solution. The Israeli tech ecosystem will greatly benefit from enthusiastic young people from North America who can contribute their unique skillsets – including knowledge of business culture and English language proficiency – while the participants gain valuable work experience, coupled with the opportunity to spend time living in Israel and getting to know the land and its people. We look forward to welcoming Brightcode’s first cohort into Israel’s community of internationally recognized technology professionals. I can’t think of a better place to learn and develop as a technology professional than in the competitive yet nurturing environment of Israel’s tech ecosystem,” said Landsmann.