Omer Barlev
Omer BarlevHezki Baruch

A new poll by the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) shows that less than one-fifth of the Israeli public has faith in Public Security Minister Omer Barlev (Labor).

According to the poll, just 18% of the public believes in Barlev, but there are significant gaps between the various Jewish sectors: 40% of leftists believe in Barlev, compared to 33% of centrists and 11% of rightists.

At the same time, 67% of the public does have faith in Shabak (Israel Security Agency). Among Jewish leftists, 80.5% believe in Shabak, while among centrists the number is 81%, and among rightists it is 73%.

Meanwhile, 83% of Arabs and 63.5% of Jews report a lack of personal security, with women reporting it more than men.

The largest number of Jews (40%) believe that just a small number believe Arabs support terror attacks, while just less than one-third (31%) say that most Arabs support terror attacks. The majority of Arabs (77%) say that only a minority of Arabs support terror.

The largest number of Jews (58.5%) say that only a very small minority of Jews support acts of revenge, and among Arabs as well this is the most common answer (37%).

The vast majority (85%) of Jews believe that the punishments courts hand terrorists are too light, compared to just 22% of Arabs.

The vast majority (78%) of the public also agrees that in the battle against terrorism, there is no place for considerations of ethics, and all means to prevent terror attacks are acceptable. Just 19% disagree with this statement - a significant change from 2018, when just 38.5% said that ethical considerations are irrelevant when fighting terror.