Israel Dog Unit volunteers secure Hadera train station
Israel Dog Unit volunteers secure Hadera train stationIsrael Dog Unit Public Relations

This morning (Sunday), the Israel Dog Unit (IDU) undertook a joint security operation with the Israel Police in the Hadera West train station, just minutes from the site of the recent shooting attack that claimed the lives of two Border Police officers. In cooperation with the Israel Police's volunteer department, the IDU's security dogs patrolled the station parking lot, bus terminals, and train platforms to provide an extra degree of security during the height of the city's morning commute.

Other security forces have also been increasing their efforts at counterterrorism and deterrence in light of the recent series of deadly terrorist attacks and the heightened tensions expected over the month of Ramadan. The IDF and Israel Police have both taken steps to reinforce the areas under their protection; the Israel Police has canceled exercises and made a special request that police officers be allowed to defer their military reserve service, and the IDF has mobilized hundreds of additional soldiers to high-friction areas within and around Judea and Samaria.

Tensions were running particularly high Sunday morning in light of the elimination of an ISIS cell by a joint effort of the ISA, IDF, and the Israel Police’s elite YAMAM counter-terror unit. The Islamic Jihad movement had threatened retaliation against Israel for the operation, leading security officials to worry about additional attacks or rocket fire against central Israeli targets.

An IDU spokesperson commented, “The IDU will do everything in its power to make Israelis feel and be more secure.”