Shabak head Ronen Bar (r.) with PM Naftali Bennett
Shabak head Ronen Bar (r.) with PM Naftali Bennett Chaim Tzach/GPO

On Sunday, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett paid a visit to the Shomron brigade of the Shabak (General Security Service) together with Shabak head Ronen Bar and the IDF Commander of the Central Command, Gen. Yehuda Fuchs.

The Prime Minister held a situation assessment with the participation of the Shomron Shabak commanders, during which he received intelligence reviews of the operation to thwart the terrorist cell in Jenin last weekend, and also discussed the ongoing situation.

Afterwards, Prime Minister Bennett visited the GSS's counterintelligence unit in Samaria and observed the various methods used by the unit to collect intelligence that is used to thwart future attacks.

"This past weekend, Shabak and special forces, working together with the IDF, foiled a terrorist attempt and stopped the terrorists literally on their way to their destination," Bennett said. "Terrorists are constantly developing new ideas and we are in a heightened state of preparedness - the IDF, Shabak, and Israel Police - in order to identify such plans in the making and to foil them.

"IDF forces have been deployed in hundreds of locations along the security fence in order to cover any breaches that may exist," Bennett continued. "Our aim is to break this wave of violence."

The Prime Minister added that the country is now "in a period of heightened vigilance even as we continue with our daily lives. We want Israeli citizens to be able to get on with their lives, which is why security forces are on high alert and engaged in hundreds of different activities. Together, we will put in the effort and break this wave of violence."

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Shabak head Ronen Bar also spoke, saying: "The GSS is currently operating in many areas, in all parts of the country, in Judea and Samaria, on the internet, and in Gaza.

"Prime Minister, you encounter here a sharp, determined, skilled organization that learns while on the move and under fire. On Saturday we came under fire together with our brothers from the IDF and we thwarted a significant attack. I will also take this opportunity to wish 'S' [the wounded soldier] a swift recovery.

"During a field patrol I conducted on Saturday, I asked the sub-district coordinator in charge of the area where the attack was thwarted: 'What about our operatives? Have they had a breather?' He looked at me, amazed, and replied, 'Sir, this is why we joined the GSS.'"

Bar stressed: "This is an organization of dedicated operatives, imbued with a sense of mission and broad-ranging responsibility, who do everything in their power to protect the country and save lives."