“Iniohos” exercise
“Iniohos” exercise IDF Spokesperson

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) concluded its in the “Iniohos” International Air Force Exercise in Greece on Thursday. Joining the exercise from the IAF were the 253rd and 201st F-16i squadrons from the “Ramon” Air Force Base and the 122nd Squadron’s “Nachson” G-550 from the “Nevatim” Air Force Base.

The IAF trained alongside air forces from Greece, the United States, France, Italy, Canada, Cyprus and Slovenia. The exercise was an important milestone in strengthening the strategic-international cooperation between Israel and the participating nations. The exercise aimed to promote common interests and strengthen the operational competence of the Israeli Air Force.

The IAF trained “wing-to-wing” with the foreign air forces while sharing knowledge and mutual learning. Dozens of aircraft simulated air-to-air combat scenarios, dealing with an advanced surface-to-air missile threat, combat maneuvers in enemy territory, flying in unfamiliar areas and practicing joint flight maneuvers.

Head of the IAF's Air Division, Brig. Gen. Amir Lazar said:
“The international cooperation of the Israeli Air Force, which includes conducting exercises with foreign nations, is a cornerstone of our training program. This is the eighth year we have participated in the ‘Iniohos’ exercise – an exercise with quality training, the sharing of knowledge and opportunities to improve.”