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Sad news for the world that the totally inept Biden administration is currently wooing the terrorist state of Iran to renew the already failed 2015 nuclear agreement that it signed with Obama and six world powers and that gave the farm away to them.

Back then, Iran and the six world powers - the U.S., China, Russia, Great Britain, France And Germany, signed a nuclear deal called the "Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action" (JCPOA). Anyone looking closely at this contract, has to start with the sad but accurate assumption that Iran will, at every opportunity, act in bad faith and ignore the contents of the deal because it is Iran.

It starts off with: "The goal for these negotiations is to reach a mutually agreed long term comprehensive solution that would ensure Iran's nuclear program will be exclusively peaceful. Iran reaffirms that under no circumstances will Iran ever seek or develop any nuclear weapons." So, why has this nation of terror been threatening Israel with incineration once it achieves nuclear weapon capability? And why is our incompetent, Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, still relying on Iran to keep its promises in a new deal when only a few weeks ago Iran's Revolutionary Guard took credit for the rocket attack on a U.S. base in Erbil, Iraq? Its kill Americans. A thumb in the eye to the USA.

This deal extension, with added benefits to Iran, would be an unmitigated disaster. And contrary to White House "pie in the sky" dreams, Iran has no intention of ever giving up its ambition to become a nuclear power. A threatening one to the world, at that.
1. A refreshed deal, like the 2015 one it would replace (that was thankfully canceled by President Trump in 2018) would continue to have a flawed inspection system.

2.The reality is that the new Biden deal would enable Iran to become a nuclear threshold state within a maximum of three years. By then it would have enough enriched uranium to make numerous bombs.

3.It permits the ayatollahs to get their murderous hands on nearly 100 billion dollars in foreign currencies.

4. In addition, as a separate deal, the U.S. is considiering releasing the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) from its list of foreign terrorist organizations.

5.It will enable the regime, repeatedly listed by the U.S. as as a state sponsor of terrorism, to have full nuclear weapons capability, an unlimited number of nuclear warheads, and the intercontinental ballistic missile systems with which to deliver them.

This deal, to Iran, is a Muslim Christmas present.

It as well, says nothing about that nation's proxy terrorist militias, Hezbollah in Syria and Lebanon and the Houthis in South Yemen. And please keep in mind that the negotiations between us and Iran have Russia and China as intermediaries.....supposedly on our side.

China and Russia are negotiating for us. As unthinkable as having the Taliban protect US troops in Afghanistan which resulted in our disastrous withdrawal from that country with 13 dead U.S. military and a still unknown number of Americans left to the mercy of the Taliban. Unbelievable, but in a Biden world, all is possible.

Forty nine U.S. Republican Senators on March 14, 2022 sent out a statement to Biden that they will not back this new deal and warning about these negotiations. They told the president: "By every indication the Biden Administration appears to have given away the store. The nuclear limitations in this new deal appear to be significantly less restrictive than the 2015 nuclear deal, which was itself too weak and will sharply undermine U.S. leverage to secure an actually longer and stronger deal. What is more, the deal appears likely to deepen Iran's financial and security relationship with Moscow and Beijing, including arms sales."

So, keep in mind that the Republicans in Congress, if they take over numerically in this years election, whatever agreement Biden makes will be dead in the water.
How would this new deal impact and threaten Israel and other nations in the Mideast? We fear the current Prime Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett, is no stronger or better than Biden in preventing Iran from dominating the Mideast with its soon to be nuclear arsenal.

Just this week, Israel's Foreign Minister Yair Lapid announced that cooperation among the U.S., Morocco, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates will continue on a regular basis in order to stoke fear in Iran and stem their imperialist efforts. Good luck! In his talk at the two day Negev Summit that was held with his counterparts from Abraham Accords nations alongside the U.S. and Egypt in Sde Boker, he said the meeting was "the first of its kind, but not the last. "Last night we decided to make the Negev Summit a permanent forum." These meetings would focus on the threats to the region from Iran. All empty talk.

They play "Follow the leader," with Biden in charge. We are concerned that PM Bennett is too dependent on the Biden administration to subdue the aims of Iran to become a threatening nuclear state. His predecessor Netanyahu was a hawk on this issue and constantly warned Iran and the U.S. that Israel would take all measures into consideration to make sure Iran would not become nuclear. There was every indication he would act without U.S. approval to unleash a peremptory attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.

At this point in time, with Israel in line with and working jointly with so many Muslim nations who, earlier on, were enemies of Israel, they now have an opportunity and the clout to coerce the US government to deal more harshly with Iran. Israelis cannot have both Russia and China deal with the threats to the region emanating from Iran. They must take the situation into their own hands and with their new partners in the region begin flexing their muscles. They cannot rely on the weak, unreliable, Progressive-led Americans to make the decisions on their futures.

We pray that these Iran deal talks fail and that Biden awakens to the threats to the world that Iran poses. A change in the composition of our House and Senate in the 2022 elections will have a great deal to do with our dealings with Iran and all of our enemies. Elections have consequences.

Alan Bergstein, lecturer and columnist, is an editorial writer for The NY Jewish Voice and a retired NYC school principal A father of four, he is a Korean War veteran and Jewish activist who is President of the Judeo/Christian Republican Club of Palm Beach County, Florida.