Scene of Bnei Brak terror attack
Scene of Bnei Brak terror attackAvshalom Sassoni/Flash90

The Moatti Information Center has published data on the terror attacks carried out by Palestinian Authority Arabs against Israeli targets throughout the month of March 2022.

According to the report, the number of terror attacks carried out in March was the highest since 2017: 821 "acts of war" were conducted during the month, killing 12 Israelis and wounding 64. Twenty Palestinian Authority Arabs died as well.

The report also said that 52 shooting attacks were conducted in March, of which 25 terror attacks were conducted near Jenin. There were nine stabbing attacks or attempted stabbing attacks and two ramming attacks.

In addition, terrorists carried out seven arson attacks on military facilities, 255 rock-hurling attacks, and 28 firebombings.

In addition, there were 296 incidences of conflict with IDF forces, 119 incidents of conflict with "settlers," and 47 mass protests against the "occupation."