During an arrest operation in Jenin, three Islamic Jihad terrorists were eliminated.

The IDF, Border Police's Yamam unit, and Israel Security Agency (Shabak) carried out a joint arrest operation, during which a shootout developed, leaving Chief Superintendent S. severely injured, and three other fighters lightly and moderately injured.

Around 1:00a.m. Saturday morning, information was received from Shabak regarding the whereabouts of the cell, which at the time was traveling by car from Jenin to Tulkarem. According to one estimate, the cell intended to carry out a large terror attack, possibly similar to the massacre in Itamar in 2011.

Around 1:30, Yamam forces located the cell and while they attempted to carry out the arrests, the terrorists opened fire. The Yamam forces responded with their own fire, eliminating the three terrorists.

Several hours later, in a joint IDF and Shabak operation in the community of Shuweika, near Tulkarem, troops from the IDF's Duvdevan Unit and Shabak apprehended the last terrorist suspected of being a member of the cell.

The arrest was made during broad daylight, and it was estimated that the final wanted suspect was going to attempt to carry out an additional terror attack before his was caught.

In addition, soldiers from the units located an M16 assault rifle and ammunition in the terrorist’s possession.

Dr. Gidi Berger, the duty manager of Rambam Hospital, reported on the condition of the soldiers injured in the operation: "Yesterday, 4 wounded arrived at the hospital, two of them slightly injured by shrapnel. They were examined and released last night."

"Two more remain hospitalized, one of them seriously injured. He was taken to the operating room with an upper-body injury. We operated successfully to control the bleeding. He is unconscious and on a respirator, but we expect him to improve in the next few days. Another soldier is hospitalized with an ankle injury. He is in good condition and expected to be released tomorrow. "

The confiscated weapons
The confiscated weaponsIDF spokesperson