Youtube has removed a channel that inspired the British Islamist who travelled to the United States and took Jews hostage at a Texas synagogue, the Jewish Chronicle reported.

Malik Faisal Akram, who took hostages in January at a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas during a Shabbat service, was reportedly influenced by Israr Ahmed’s hate-laced youtube videos, according to those who knew him.

Ahmed’s Islamist channel has now been removed, according to Youtube, who also removed the channel of another controversial Islamist extremist, Wagdy Ghoniem.

Both channel had over 3.5 million subscribers in total.

The UK’s broadcasting regulator Ofcom had in the past fined the channel Peace TV £65,000 for airing Ahmed’s speeches, saying they considered them anti-Jewish hate speech.

Ahmed’s Youtube videos “used the phrase ‘Jew World Order’” and contained slurs against Jews, including describing Jews as “cursed,” along with claiming Jews had been plotting against Muslims for centuries and were “followers of Satan, intent on destroying Islam,” according to the Chronicle.

Youtube’s standards against hate content mandate that hate speech that encourages “violence or hatred against individuals or groups” based on religion or race will be flagged and removed.

A former Youtube moderator who became a whistleblower told the news outlet that he believed Youtube’s policy was a “sham.”

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