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A Holocaust memorial museum will soon be opening in Boston, MassLive reported.

The museum is in response to a significant increase in antisemitism in the state and across the country, according to Massachusetts Jewish leaders.

The creation of a “powerful” new Holocaust museum was announced this week by Jody Kipnis, CEO of the Boston Holocaust Legacy Foundation, during a virtual antisemitism summit, during which 160 government officials learned about ways to identify and stop discriminatory behavior against the Jewish community.

The museum will be built near the Freedom Trail, a 2.5-mile-long path through Boston that passes by 16 locations significant to American history.

Kipnis said that museum will be an educational center that educates visitors on the past, so that a better future can arise.

“How does this relate to the Freedom Trail? And how will I make my mark on humanity to make the world a better place?” she said.

“Encouraging visitors to bring these questions home is the most important contribution Holocaust Legacy Foundation can make to the global dialogue on human dignity,” Kipnis said.

“In our world today, the idea that human beings can make a difference and must make a difference – not the other guy, but you and me – is an essential lesson. It is our hope that the visitor will enhance their notion of human responsibility and find their commitment to human dignity and human decency.”

Deborah Coltin, executive director of the Lappin Foundation, which hosted the summit, said that a Boston Holocaust museum would be a “game changer” for Holocaust education in “all of New England and beyond."