Regional Cooperation Minister Esawi Frej (Meretz) spoke to i24NEWS on Thursday about the current wave of terror attacks in Israel.

"I am shocked," Frej explained, before sending his condolences to the families affected by the terror attacks.

"These terror attacks, it's not against Jews, or against Israel, or against Arabs, it's against all of us,” he stated.

Frej added that the terror attacks mean that "we are in the right way" because "something is happening" and that extremists are "bothered" and are trying to stop Israel.

"We will win this war," he stated.

On the Abraham Accords, Frej called them a "huge achievement."

Asked who will be the next country to join the Accords, Frej responded, "There are a lot of countries that we have already a relationship between them, but we prefer to have the relationship not be under the table."

Frej called the Negev Summit, which was held this week and which brought together several countries signed to the Abraham Accords, a "huge moment."

"But I'm sorry to say that at the same time when we are trying to create a future, an extremist tried to take us to the past," he added.