IDF Yeshiva day
IDF Yeshiva dayIDF spokesperson

A "Yeshiva day" that was supposed to take place for IDF soldiers who had attended Yeshivas before enlisting at the beginning of next week was canceled due to the "security situation." An IDF spokesman claims that it was canceled due to a lack of interest from the soldiers.

According to the General Staff's orders, every religious soldier is entitled to participate once every three months in a "Yeshiva day" that is sometimes held at a Yeshiva where he studied and sometimes in different places in the country under the direction of the military rabbinate. Between 200 and 300 soldiers usually take part.

This coming Sunday, the Yeshiva graduates were supposed to gather at the Yad Shalom synagogue in Jerusalem for a seminar on the subject of Passover, and to hear lessons from a number of Rabbis and Yeshiva headmasters.

The Yeshiva day, as stated, was canceled, and the IDF explains that the reason for its cancellation is a lack of interest. It was emphasized that if soldiers register for the yeshiva day, it will take place on or near the planned date.

A Channel 7 investigation shows that soldiers who registered or wanted to register for the yeshiva day were told that it had been postponed due to the security situation. In addition, representatives of close to 100 soldiers from various units told Channel 7 that they planned to attend the yeshiva, but the IDF insists that the postponement of the yeshiva is in order.

Capt. (Res.) Rabbi Aviad Gadot said: "Studying the Torah, which gives courage and strength, is part of the IDF's important activity in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. Those who need to withdraw from the city are the Arab terrorists, not the soldiers. The duty of the Rabbi is to set a personal example, to build courage and inspire the army, and not the other way around. I am sure that the mistake that happened at the rabbinical base about six months ago where soldiers were instructed not to pass through Ramla will not repeat itself in Jerusalem, our capital."

An IDF spokesman said: "The military rabbinate holds Yeshiva days for soldiers who are interested from time to time. The existence of the Yeshiva day is conditional on a minimum number of registrants, and for the mentioned Yeshiva day not enough soldiers were registered and therefore it was decided not to hold it. If more soldiers are registered, this may change."