the foreign ministry's tweet
the foreign ministry's tweetTwitter

The Foreign Ministry's Twitter account, which in recent days highlighted the condemnation in the Arab sector of the wave of murderous terrorist attacks, published a tweet in which it adopted the Palestinian Authority's narrative.

The tweet reads, "Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the killing of Israeli civilians in a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv, and said that "the killing of Palestinian and Israeli civilians only leads to a further deterioration of the situation, for which settlers and others are responsible.""

MK Orit Struck, who noticed the tweet, reacted angrily, "The Bennett-Lapid government is in the service of the enemy. The Foreign Ministry of the State of Israel is giving a stage to the arch-terrorist Abu Mazen, the bastard who enacted the terrorists' salaries law, and signs their pay slips every month."

B'Tsalmo CEO Shai Glick said: "It is shocking that the Foreign Ministry echoes the messages of the Holocaust denier who accuses the settlers of violence. Abu Mazen encourages, finances and supports terrorism. The settlers are not to blame for the terrorist attacks in Bnei Brak, Hadera and Beer Sheva. I demand that the Foreign Minister immediately remove the repulsive tweet and fight Holocaust deniers. Not the other way around."