Shiny, the tracking dog deployed to find the stolen sheep.
Shiny, the tracking dog deployed to find the stolen sheep.IDU Public Relations

The Israel Dog Unit (IDU), a nonprofit specializing in the training and deployment of security dogs to protect vulnerable areas of Israel, responded to another part of the recent wave of terror this morning. At approximately 4:35 am, agricultural terrorists infiltrated the Samaria village of Tal Binyamin and stole a flock of sheep from a local rancher. The IDU dispatched a rapid response team including armed volunteers, advanced thermal imaging UAVs, and the tracking dog Shiny to track down the culprits and retrieve the stolen flock.

Over the following two and a half hours, the IDU’s response team worked with the IDF’s Harub battalion, Border Police officers, and local security forces, and succeeded in tracking the thieves through the Samaria hills to the point at which the stolen livestock was loaded into a getaway truck and driven away along Route 505, the Trans-Samaria Highway. Military and police intelligence services were alerted to the incident and have begun operations to locate the truck and its contents.

No one was injured during the incident. Security forces have warned of increased terrorist activity throughout Judea and Samaria in light of the beginning of Ramadan and the recent attacks in Bnei Brak, Be'er Sheva, and Hadera, which have left a total of eleven Israelis dead and several more injured.

The IDF has issued a warning of a possible increase in acts of terror or disturbances of the peace in Samaria. Additional security forces have been moved into Samaria, and all leave for soldiers stationed there has been canceled to ensure that security forces will have the manpower needed for immediate response to any given incident.