Netanyahu visits families of terror victims
Netanyahu visits families of terror victimsspokesperson

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement outside the mourning house in Bnei Brak, after comforting the families of those killed in the terrorist shooting attack last night.

Netanyahu said: "I salute the security forces, the police and the civilians who with their bodies prevented major disasters. They are real heroes. We are under a murderous terrorist attack. They must restore peace and security to the citizens of Israel and our city streets. It can be done, it must be done - determined action is required along a very firm hand."

"Unfortunately, we all see that a government that depends on the Islamic Movement does not do this and may not be able to do it, but they must put aside any political considerations and fight terrorism," Netanyahu added.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz referred to the recent wave of terrorism which killed 11 Israelis in a single week and said at a press conference: "Israel is under a murderous terrorist attack. I landed to prepare to assist the Israeli police with equipment and the addition of an IDF fighter force to assist in the various security missions."

"I have signed administrative detention orders for Israeli residents suspected of terrorism. If necessary, we will immediately recruit thousands of reservists who will flood the streets. We will use all means.

"We are taking defensive and operational measures. Many hundreds have been arrested and dozens of attacks have been prevented in recent times. All measures are kosher to break this wave," Gantz said.

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