The police revealed to the public the heroism of the police officers who killed the terrorist in last night's deadly attack in Bnei Brak, and presented the documentation of the incident from the receiving of the report of the attack to the neutralization of the terrorist through body camera footage on Wednesday.

The recording systems of the District Control Center, and the body cameras of the officers, documented the speed of response of the forces from the stage of receiving the reports of the suspects to the neutralization of the terrorist.

At 19:57, calls from civilians about a man firing a weapon on Jabotinsky Street in Bnei Brak began to reach the Tel Aviv District Hotline 100.

At 19:58, a report is sent to all the vehicles and motorcycles of the Dan region, and the forces begin to move towards Jabotinsky Street.

The 417 patrol-motorcyclist team with Sergeant Amir Khuri, who drives the motorcycle, and Sergeant A. receives the report while they are on Marganit Street in Ramat Gan on an ongoing security patrol, and they begin to race toward Jabotinsky Street.

At 20:01, Team 417 arrives at Jabotinsky 22 in Bnei Brak and reports that they hear gunfire from the neighborhood. They begin to advance in the direction of the shooting, while receiving instructions from the District Control Center and civilians on the street.

At 20:02, the team arrives at 63 Herzl Street and encounters the terrorist who opened fire on the team, fatally wounded Sgt. Khuri. Sergeant A. dismounted from the motorcycle and fired at the terrorist with his pistol, eliminating the terrorist and ending the attack.

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