Passover matzah
Passover matzah Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

A UK matzah maker has set a goal to bake one million matzahs for the Ukrainian Jewish community, who are lacking supplies for Passover, according to the Orthodox Union.

The Orthodox Union said that the war has caused a major shortage of matzah for the community and for Jewish refugees who have fled to nearby countries.

The Rakusen matzah factory worked 24-hours a day to bake enough matzahs to send to the community in Ukraine, the UK Jewish News reported.

The Orthodox Union initially contacted the London Beth Din who put them in touch with Rakusen, who agreed to bake extra matzah for Passover.

The order was for 70,000 boxes, the equivalent of about a million matzahs. The order will be ready by this Friday, with the boxes sent to Hungary and then off to Ukraine. Each box has been labelled by hand to say that it is for Jewish refugees.

The matzah factory had to purchase enormous amount of flour to complete the order, as well as extra packaging, and also hire extra staff.

“The OU and [Vaad Hatzalah] have a call centre in Vienna, Austria, where we are regular contact with Jewish communities in Ukraine and centres in eastern Europe,” Orthodox Union national director Simon Taylor told the news outlet. “Based on the needs they were telling us, we knew we had to procure twenty tons of matzah for Pesach.”