Police near scene of the incident
Police near scene of the incidentצילום: אריה סביר / TPS

Two people, including an Israeli police officer and an armed suspect, were wounded during an incident in Jerusalem Wednesday morning, in the vicinity of the Mahane Yehuda market.

Officers opened fire on a suspect brandishing a knife near the market, after the suspect fled police and wounded one officer during an altercation.

One person wounded in the incident is in moderate condition, the other in light condition.

A preliminary police investigation suggests the incident was criminal in nature, and not terror-related.

"A short time ago, we received a report of suspects in the area of the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem," a police spokesperson said Wednesday morning. "According to the preliminary investigation, police forces were called to the scene and arrested the suspects after they fled and attacked officers following a pursuit on foot. During the arrest, shots were fired at the lower body of one of the suspects, who was lightly wounded. One officer was lightly wounded during the incident and was evacuated for treatment."

Following the shooting incident, service for the Jerusalem light rail was halted around the city center, from Damascus Gate to the Central Bus Station.